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Harnessing The Power Of The Search Engines To Market Your Business
By Khemal
Search engine optimization is the process of making your web site more accessible for the search engines. When you do this, you are making it easier for people to find you when they use search engines to search for information. Each individual search engine uses complicated mathematical formulas called algorithms to determine how web sites are ranked.

There are also differences in each search engine that you need to take into account when you are optimizing your web site. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective online marketing tools if done correctly and monitored frequently.

Search Engine Basics

When people use search engines, they usually believe that they are searching the web for information. This is not quite true. When you use a search engine to find information, you are actually searching the engine's database of indexed content. Search engines can be human, where actual people index content. The most popular type of search engine is crawler-based. This means that those search engines use automated programs to crawl the web finding content and following links.

The information found by the crawlers is returned to the search engine and indexed according to the search engine's guidelines. When you optimize your web site, you are making it easier for the search engines to find your site and index your content.


Keywords are an important component of search engine optimization. When people use search engines, they use specific words and phrases to find information. Having the right keywords means you are improving your chances for having people find your site when they do a search. So how do you find out what the "right" keywords are?

You have to conduct keyword research. There are many tools available for keyword research that can help you to find keywords that have a lot of searches with relatively low competition. Once you conduct your research, you should have a list of keywords that are specific to your web site that will help people find your business through the search engines.

Page Titles

You can start your efforts by optimizing your page titles for your web site. Instead of a generic "Welcome", you should use your target keywords in your page titles. Because the page titles are very near the beginning of your web site's HTML code, the search engines may be drawn to your site if you optimize the titles.

You should not place the same words next to each other or the search engines may not read all of your text. You should not repeat the same keyword more than twice for best results. Because search engines have different methods of indexing content, keep your page titles as short as possible.

Web Content

Web content is one of the most important search engine optimization tools. Sites that are rich in relevant and useful content tend to be visited more often by crawlers and show up closer to the top of the search engine rankings than sites that have little content. Your content can include articles, press releases, announcements, and other information.

The important thing is to use your keywords in a way that sounds natural. No one wants to read text that has a string of keywords jammed together. It makes it difficult to concentrate and can get frustrating for your web site visitors. It is better to use your keywords in places where they make sense.


Blogs can also be used as a search

engine optimization tool because of the amount of content and the number of links that can be used. Blogs can be filled with keyword-optimized postings that help make your site more accessible. You can also link to other pages in your web site, which is helpful for search engine optimization purposes.


Linking is an important component of search engine optimization. Two-way links can be useful, but one-way links are the best way to improve your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your site. For best results, use your keywords in your links so that you improve your search engine rankings even more.

Instead of displaying a link as, use keywords to make your link look like this: web site design. Both links take people to the same web site, but one of them utilizes keywords to add to your search engine optimization efforts.

You can also use links from other web sites to improve your rankings. One of the easiest ways to do this is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. You can use the resource box after each of your articles to link to your web site. You can also promote your products and services with your articles, making your efforts well worth the time and energy you spend.

You can also drive traffic to your web site by using online discussion groups and forums to market your expertise and encourage people to visit your site. You can find many discussion groups related to your business topic if you search for your specific niche. When someone asks a question that you can answer, be sure to answer the question as completely as possible.

The trick you're going to use is the use of a signature line at the end of your postings. A signature line is a few lines that give your name, business name, and contact information.

If you include your web address in your signature, you'll be creating one-way links to your web site that can promote more traffic and higher search engine rankings. This simple tool can add to your optimization efforts and has the added benefit of positioning you as an expert in your field

Online newsletters can also be a great way to improve the number of one-way links to your web site. You can create your own newsletter or submit one or two articles to newsletters produced by other people.

Make sure that you get a byline or an author bio when you submit articles to other newsletters, or you won't be able to improve your search engine rankings by using this method. Include a link to your web site so that you can improve your web traffic and increase your search engine ranking.

An added benefit to this method is that articles from free newsletters are often used by other people on their web sites. Instead of having one one-way link to your web site, you can easily create 10, 50, or 100 or more quality one-way links. Be sure to submit newsletter articles only to sites that are relevant to your own web site.

If you have a graphic design business, you might submit articles to newsletters about advertising or marketing. You wouldn't want to submit articles to a web site about carpet cleaning because that type of web site is not relevant to yours, and the links you receive won't be as high in quality as links you have on web sites that compliment yours.

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