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Seo Content For Se Positions
By Darren
SEO Content is Content Optimized by the Search Engines. What does this mean? Here are a few things:

1. The search engines read your site as closely and as humanly has possible.
2. If you offer Content Services and provide content related to this then you are satisfying their requirements
3. It is important to know how to strategically place this content carefully in your site and in such a way that it causes the search engines to read your site on a regular basis.

Having said this, understand what is implied here is that you carefully researched your industry and discovered which keywords best fit your site. Don't assume that because you would find a site under a certain term that everyone else would.

Sites like Yahoo and Google provide tools to help you discover Content related keywords. Go to Google or Yahoo Search and search with each of these terms:

1. Overture Search Tool
2. Google Search Tool

There are other tools out there but keep in mind that these 2 search engines generate the most results. Now, open one of these tools and enter in a keyword. In our example we are using "SEO content" Based on my results I am seeing that I want to use these 5:

1. search engine
2. search engine content
3. Content
4. web site content
5. optimization

Why only 5 keywords instead of 100's? Well if you want to be strategic about this then you realize that time is not on your side and that you can better focus on 5 then 100's. Filling your site with just keywords is not useful you need to fill your pages with information surrounding the keywords.

Now that you have your keywords and a basic understanding what is next?

Think carefully before you put this next step into action. You have 5 keywords but we will start with 1. I will start with "Content SEO" then I will write at least 400 words or more about this keyword and give informative information regarding this phrase.

Even though the search engines are reading this nearly like a human they still can't decide based on what you write if it even makes sense so why take the time to write content that is of great quality? Because, these pages will be indexed by the search engines read by real people. Do you want to turn business away because you are just trying to get great positions on the web? No, you want to retain the traffic you get from these results.

If I spend time actually

defining the keyword "Content SEO" or write educational content related to it I want to make sure at the end the reader was satisfied and the search engines as well. In fact you may want to write 2 separate pages of content relating to the keyword in these ways:

1. In the form of educational and informative to retain business from the readers
2. In the form of an article to place on article sites and your blog

I think I have you attention now, as I haven't really gotten into blogging and article distribution. This takes us into the next step.

What do I do with this keyword related content?

First, you want a blog installed on your site similar to the one we are using here. I like word press personally but ultimately it is up to you.

Once you have your blog you would insert your article in it. Make sure to have a catchy title like "Why you need Content Help in Today's Search Engines" then post your blog.

Find a list of great article sites now to post this same article. Note that when I talk about writing these things that you are not promoting services but educating people. This is very important because your article will get rejected if it is self promoting. Become a Guru of quality Content to gain mass exposure on the web.

There are many article sites, actually tons. Find either article sites that have great rank and SE friendly set up or use an article distribution service. Then join News Groups that allow you to both read and post articles.

The advantage here is most article sites and all blogs have rss feeds. These are great for well written Content articles and content. These feeds can be submitted to a ton of rss directories and if you use your blog correctly every post will notify Blog servers.

On top of this you can bookmark your blogs to social network sties. Do a search for Sociable Bookmark Plugin for wordpress to help speed up this process.

If you really get creative you can even send your feeds to podcasts for even deeper distribution.

The end result is you have positioned great content on your site, posted a well written Content based article on your blog and Article sites and you are now starting to scratch the surface of understanding what is involved in Content for the Search Engines.

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