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What You Need To Know About Texas Seo Firms Ė Part I
By Ben Jordan
Hiring an Texas firm can mean the difference between your business becoming bigger, like everything else in Texas, and staying the same. Letís face it, Internet and search engine marketing will make or break your online business.

Without it, you stay invisible in a place most of your potential customers shop: the Internet. A Texas firm will act as your internet marketing consultant and help you market your website and business on the Internet.

Let me tell you, without hiring a good Austin Texas firm to make you highly visible, youíre missing out unheard of amounts of cash. I donít know about you, but I like cash. The more, the better.

However, I know what goes through your mind. Youíre not sure if you want to hire an internet marketing consultant to do your work and, if you do, you want to know that youíre hiring the best Texas firm possible.

As much as you want to make money, you also donít want to spend it in the wrong place. Let me tell you. Spending money with a reputable Texas firm will never be a waste of your hard earned dollars.

Yet, even with that said, knowing how to compare Austin Texas firms to find the best one will save you money and bring increased success.

It goes without saying that a Texas firm will market your sites to the search engines. These internet marketing consultants market your site to the search engines so that it ranks higher in search engine results for your chosen keywords.

So naturally, before hiring any firm, you want to see their past and current clients whose sites skyrocketed to the top of the search engine results for their designated keywords. And hey, I donít mean the top 100.

You want to see their clients in the top 5 of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) or, at the very least, the first page of results.

Whatís more, you want permission to talk to those clients. You wonít let someone baby-sit your child without

references; donít do take those chances with your business.

I advise you to do your homework about internet marketing consultants and before contacting any Austin Texas firm. At least know a little about and what itís all about before delving into hiring someone.

When you do your homework and studied up, you can ask intelligent questions to see if you get intelligent answers.

Just to help you out, Iíve listed some questions below that youíre going to want to ask as well as information to help you recognize the correct answers when you hear them.

1. Do they want you to sign a contract and, if so, what will be required on your part in the contract?

Ideally, you want a contract from any Austin Texas firm you do business with. The contract guarantees the work will be done and exactly what gets done. It also specifies the price. Never agree to pay more than 50% up front.

Some contracts will specify that your site will carry a link to their site after the work is completed. If it states this in the contract, request a discount be given for the free advertisement.

The contract should also give all copyrights to content to you if content creation will be part of their internet marketing consulting services. It should detail the work that to be done as well as the results.

Just remember that no Austin firm can guarantee you top rankings. If they do, make sure you can get your money back and that you get ranked for the keywords you want.

Part two of this article is continued in another article.

Ben Jordan is x-Fortune 500 Texas Firm consultant, who has consulted small business owners, up to $30 Billion dollar companies around the country. Please visit today

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