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Analysis Of Seo Tactics – Blogging Vs Article Writing
By Dave Smith
With million of websites adding on to the already vast Internet, making a mark and gaining business through the medium is a magnanimous challenge. Though all websites that are launched do not sport an identical topic or theme, yet it cannot be denied that commercial success of any website has become as much competitive as it is vital. With the sovereign rule of search engines over Internet as net users’ guide to websites of interest, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) justifies its absolute relevance and requirement for all websites vying to exploit Internet as a global market.

Amidst the vibrant kaleidoscope of tactics, blogging and article writing are very similar and low budget. Both blogs and articles are esteemed high by any search engine, a healthy analysis of the two techniques shall enable you a better insight into the commercial viability of each option.

To introduce, blogging stands for journal entries to a website called a blog that displays the blog entries in reverse chronological order by default. Considering that anyone can blog on any topic on the face of this earth, blogging basically corresponds to postings made on a personal note that are not expected to be factually authentic. While blogs enjoy high ranking from most search engines, their effectiveness as regards article writing as a technique needs an analysis.

Article writing, on the other hand, represents informative articles written with a view to expose professional know-how. Articles are never expected out of laymen. This in turn translates into the need of accuracy and emphasis on details, while writing an article.

Blogging is timelier, personal and carrying an insider’s viewpoint.

Articles are educational, dependable, meticulous and market driven.

While blogging distinctly outscores articles on the grounds of freshness and timeliness, it fares poor in terms of exposure enjoyed by blogs in comparison with articles online. Unless a blog is already popular, the chances are always brighter for your articles to be seen and read by people in all likelihood.

From commercial standpoint, articles from your website reinstate your expertise over your area of business and helps you reinforce the faith of your clientele. As an article needs to be written with care as per popular perception, circulation of quality articles can actually fetch swarming qualified web traffic to your website. Reliable studies have also verified that articles writing are far better than blogs to promote a product or service.

Utilizing the two techniques in conjunction is a great idea. Blogging has its own market in terms of net users and must not be left alone. Posting contextual and concise blogs with a link embedded within the text to a detailed article on the topic is an innovative combination of the two strategies. The strategy not only invites attention of blog readers to your products and services, but also attracts more readers to your articles, and in effect to your website.

KC is a consultant with several years of related experiences. His advice has helped several Webmasters to increase their SERP. KC is also the founder of USESEO.COM, a site that offers free SEOtechniques.

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