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Understanding Seo: Ambatchdotcom Seocontest - Usefull?
By Roberto Bell
Online businesses have boomeranged with Internet stepping into homes and lives of people. Companies are milking this to their advantage by targeting the users who reach their webface through search engines. With increasing competition, search engine results have become detrimental towards the success of business and as a result many are hiring services of professionals to have a significant visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for their products/services, over and above their competitors. This has given boost to the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which until 1997 was unheard off in public domain.
SEO is one of the strategies for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) whereby websites are worked upon, to make them rank higher in search engine listings. SERPs comprise of three sections - Organic Search Results (specific results for your search), Paid Inclusions or Sponsored Links and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements. deals with promoting site’s ranking in Organic Search Results. PPC can turn out to be an expensive affair for high volume search terms. Many consultants, commonly referred to as “White Hatters“, make use of long-term, low-risk strategies whereby fair means are used to achieve the purpose. White hatters work upon removing technical errors and site poisoning, thereby making site better accessible to search engines. Additionally, they stress on unique content, quality backlinks and optimum keyword usage for products or services relevant to the client’s site. In contrast, “Black Hatters” believe in short-term, high-risk, aggressive marketing and use methods like spamdexing, cloaking to deceive the search engine. Black hatters’ run the risk of getting client’s site banned from search engine results altogether. has become vital towards ensuring a successful online business. It is imperative to rank higher for terms and phrases searchable by users. A recommended approach is to base your for keywords specific to products and services site provides and in relevance to site content. This ensures the increase in number and quality of visitors besides providing a higher conversion into sales. It is extremely important that the company providing services for your site uses fair means to achieve the goal and provides analysis tools for you to appreciate the change and success.
Market is swarming with consultants thereby intensifying the competition.

From time to time Contests are organized, inviting consultants to trick the search engines and achieve best ranking for otherwise meaningless keywords. Google, a difficult search engine to rank on, is often the most targeted search engine in these contests. Contestants benefit from such contests for it provides them an opportunity to prove their abilities in front of the world besides the invaluable rewards. Contestants can also enhance their knowledge and learn various strategies from such live events. Organizers benefit from backlinks, the contestants are made to put on their sites in accordance with contest rules. Additionally such contests also provide significance to words, which would have otherwise, not been searched for. contests are getting popular nowadays and have evolved in terms of rules, criteria and prizes eversince “Nigritude Ultramarine”, the first contest organized in May - July, 2004 by SearchGuild saw two hundred competitors using dirty tricks and spamming weblogs and wikis. Year 2006 alone, is witness to atleast seven contests, including the popular “ambatchdotcom seocontest” organized as “World Championship 2006″ by Ambatch Publisher Forum. All contests are based on rules that make it harder to benefit from ranking algorithms, like “ambatchdotcom seocontest” does not count indented listing in SERPs. World Championship 2006 rewards three contestants who achieve best rankings in Google, for the keyword “ambatchdotcom seocontest” on monthly basis as well as at end of contest on 20th October, 2006. Contests like “ambatchdotcom seocontest” attract plenty of participants, thereby making the competition tougher but interesting.
SEO has now become a necessity for online business and contests, a testing ground for your skills. With search engines constantly upgrading algorithms and making it difficult for consultants and webmasters, it seems the battle has just begun!

Robert Bell is the owner of Ambatchdotcom Seocontest Blog and a powerful article directory www.idnpros.com/ambatchdotcom-seocontest/.

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