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Seo: Self-taught And Loving It
By Scott Lindsay
Many online businesses like to work with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm that guarantees placement in search engine rankings. At first blush, this sounds like a great idea. After all, who doesn’t want to be at the top of the search engine rankings? If a company can guarantee to get you there, why not use them?

While there may be firms that have your best interest in mind there are an equal number that simply do whatever they have to do to get your site in the number one position. Sometimes the methods used are not well accepted and the results are generally temporary.

The reason this is often the case is that the firm uses keywords or phrases that may get you a top ranking, but only because the keywords or phrases they chose were little used and might not even coincide with anything your site is designed to sell.

In many cases your website will be stuffed with keywords and phrases that have little relevancy to what your site was designed for. In the end, many businesses have ventured away from firms and have worked to learn the skills of on their own.

Simply put, it is much easier, and is more practical long-term to learn the skills of on your own. You can utilize sites designed to help determine keywords that may actually be useful to you while avoiding (or minimizing) terms that are overused. The development of the

website should be about long-term results so the use of tools that only serve to temporarily prop up your website may not be in your best interest.

Website owners also need to understand that the process of gaining a higher ranking is a long-term goal. By consistently optimizing your site for a search engine keyword or phrase you not only keep a focal point to your website, but allow the search engines to view you as a credible, trusted website that deserves a higher ranking.

There are plenty of online resources that can help you become an expert in the art of techniques. You may likely see greater long-term results by simply learning all you can about and developing a plan that you can feel comfortable implementing.

If you have trouble finding the time, you might have an associate willing to learn the skills to improve the overall performance of your online business.

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects. Get your own website online in just 5 minutes with HighPowerSites at: Start your own ebook business with BooksWealth at:

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