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The Dangers Of Using Cloaking Methods In The Seo Of Your Website
By Scott
Cloaking is one of the darker techniques to search engine optimization and it is not recommended in the of your website. The cloaking of pages is done through software applications and its sole purpose is to trick search engines, by presenting them with specifically manufactured content to win favorable ranking status. However, the content that is shown to website visitors is hidden so as not to be read by search engines and disclosed upfront to web searchers.

This is an underhanded way to get visitors to your website and usually unsuccessful in encouraging them to stick around long enough to make a purchase. This is deceptive advertising at its worst and you and your website are better off if you avoid cloaking techniques.

It is better to show one remarkable page of content that both search engines and website visitors will see, then to cloak pages when you are doing SEO. You want to build your business up and that is why you are involved in the search engine optimization of your website. Do not tear down your business by getting involved in using the darker techniques to SEO.

Do not believe anyone that flaunts that this software application is an undetectable way to get ahead of your competition. The detection of this activity may be somewhat slower in some search engines, but the search engine giants have sophisticated technology to detect and exile cloaked pages very quickly. Even the slower search engines will eventually uncover cloaked pages and remove them.

Using darker techniques in search engine optimization can harm the performance of your website and can result in punitive liens that can bankrupt a company and its owner.

How do cloaking programs work? When the cloaking program is installed into

a server it starts its work by detecting whether a user trying to access the webpage is human or the robotic spider used by search engines for webpage reading. Cloaking software applications use IP address capturing and other tricks in making its determination of human user or search engine spider. Upon determining human or spider, the true content contained on the website is then either shown or hidden.

Servers are now becoming more sophisticated in their ability to detect cloaking software and those websites using them. Servers can and do refuse internet service and access to websites caught using cloaking software applications. Just one more valid reason for why you should not cloak your web pages.

The use of cloaking software applications is especially favored by internet spammers, they do not worry about a particular website becoming detected by search engines and servers. This is because they regularly build disposable websites to use short term and then abandon quickly as soon as it becomes detected as a spamming website. Internet spammers operate in the same manner as scam artists offline. They exploit an area for as long as possible, but then pack up and run when authorities attempt to close in on them.

You do not need to turn to the darker techniques of search engine optimization in order to get a large helping of the billions of dollars that online consumers spend through the internet each year. Adhering to good form when you are doing is a better way to improve the ranking of your website in search engines in order to get more traffic to your website and those online dollars.

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