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Seo Elite V4.0
By phaete
SEO Elite v4.0

Sometimes article writing is made difficult by all the things one must do before actually sitting down and writing the article. So, because I have already done my research, I want to write this article as more of a review of a product, rather than just an article which may or may not be of interest to anyone else.

SEO Elite is a software program which in my opinion is extremely necessary to anyone who is even thinking of starting an online business, using adsense websites as their base. When one searches on Google, Yahoo, or even on overture, the number one site for Search Engine Optimization, is Elite.

When you click through to the website, the first thing that strikes your eye is how professional the page looks. The title – Elite v4.0 catches the eye as soon as the page opens. Then your gaze is directed to a clever sub title - Remove The Guesswork to Getting A Top Search Engine Ranking. They even have a sub subtitle – Proven Results Backed by Science.

The entire sales page is very well set up. There are excellent graphics, and hyperlink words throughout the pages.

In the center of the page, before you get to the fold(anything visible before you have to scroll) is a large screenshot of the Google page, which shows their ranking with Google. Ranking is #1. Also super imposed just below the Google ranking, is a Yahoo page giving the ranking on Yahoo. Also #1.

Now for most sales pages, after the Testimonials, would be the call to action, i.e. the order button, or click here to go to

the order page. Well, they don’t have any testimonials on the page, but here they were very clever also. Instead, in the text down towards the bottom of the page is some hyperlink text that says: if you would like to know, in much greater detail, all the features and specifics that Elite will allow you to perform, see our (in hyperlink blue) feature page. When you click on the feature page, you are taken to the feature page, which consists of 8 boxes. Each box is a link to a video of that specific feature.
I browsed through a couple of them, and the very last one, number eight, shows a step by step video of how to submit articles such as this, to Article Directories – I took some notes ;)

SEO Elite also has an affiliate program, and it pays quite handsomely.
About 60% if I remember right. If I were going to market this as an affiliate, I would put it high on my list of sites to become an affiliate with.

I did this change of direction in article writing, hoping that this way would perhaps give some helpful information to anyone who might be looking for software, and just had no idea where to go, or what might be the best one to purchase. This is just my personal observation of Elite.

Edward Mudge is the author of numerous articles. Recently became involved in making Adsense websites. It is because of this, that I would like to recommend the following

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