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Why An Seo Company?
By Mark Nenadic
What exactly is an company? Why would a business or person need one? What is SEO? Acronyms are popular on the Internet and new ones crop up every single day. SEO, like the Internet however, is here to stay. Businesses both company and individually run are spending more and more on Company services every day.


Well, to understand the why of it is to understand what an company does. Companyís understand the pivotal role that search engines play in the Internet marketplace. As the old phrase goes: location, location, and location. Location is exactly what an company specializes in.

The market for online advertising is on the rise and well over the ten billion dollar mark. The search engine Google dominates the market when it comes to search engines. While there are numerous others, Google gets a whopping 42% of online searches and generates two to three times longer session times according to studies. This isnít small and an company that knows what itís doing knows that to achieve the market saturation on location, they need to show up in the top page rankings on Google.

If youíre still wondering why, the answer is simple. Most people who search the Internet limit their page scans to the first page or two that is returned by the search engine. Depending on the setting that limits the results to about the top 40 or 50 hits that are returned. For a business to use a search engine as their market penetration point, they need to be in the top 40 to 50 hit range to be found on the search engines.

Marketers that know what they are doing recognize this and use an company to optimize their website. This involves everything from paid advertising, click through and populating the website with informative articles. The algorithms behind how Google handles its searches remains a mystery and if Google has its way, it will continue to be so. Understanding the complexity of the search engineís algorithm is what the Company does.

Search engines are getting better about how they filter

the optimized material. They can sort the chafe from the genuine. A website that is found to be promoting itself with paid for links, junk articles with repetitive phrases and cheap tricks wonít find itself in the top rankings if the page isnít discarded from the ranking system altogether. The marketing budget for a business on the Internet must include an company to secure their spot in a real estate market where the boom doesnít show any signs of slowing.

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