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The Real Value Of Link Building
By Rahul

The biggest misconception of link building is that it issolely intended to increase your rank within the search engines. The majorityof us who use this train of thought would then proceed to get as many links fortheir site from any sources available, without understanding the real valuebehind carrying out this time consuming project. Not only do you obtain a largenumber of irrelevant links that will not benefit you, but you have wastedprecious time and missed out on a lot of targeted traffic.

So what is the true valueof link building? First and foremost, it should be intended to generate qualitytraffic for your business. If you keep this thought in mind when carrying outyour assignment, then you are most certainly going to obtain relevant linksalong the way that will help to boost your exposure within the search engines,making it a win / win situation.

A good example would bethis article. Once it is submitted to several article directories, people whoare searching for information on link building will most likely read thisinformation posted. At the bottom is a link to my site which is based onoffering search engine marketing services and link building campaigns. If areader was interested in finding out more, there is a high chance that theywill follow through on my link and read up about my services. In this case, notonly have I generated a quality lead, but I have also attained a relevant linkfrom the article directory. If twenty people read my article each day and tenpeople where to click through to my website, then you can obviously see thatthe link building has done its job in attracting targeted visitors.

However, if I was to writeup an article on the latest mobile phones and provided a link to my website,then there is a very high chance that a reader will not follow through on thelink. A search engine works in the same respect. Just like a human visitor, whyshould

it read up on marketing services if it's currently reading an article onmobile phones? From this a search engine can see that the link was placed forthe sole purpose of link building and has no genuine relationship. As a result,no targeted traffic will come through to my site and the link will not benefitme in any way.

At the end of the day itall boils down to the quality of the link. Another good example is: if you wereto have two restaurants to choose from and two different people recommendingwhich one to eat at, you are most likely to take the advice of the person whohas more authority on the subject of restaurants. In a similar manner, a searchengine will follow and count the relevance of a link based on where the link toyou is coming from and if there is a common factor between the sites.

The key to developing goodlinking strategies that will help your site's performance in the search enginesis to ask yourself the following: will my link entice someone to click on it,which in turn generates quality traffic? Answering "yes" and usingthis methodology when carrying out your task will attract visitors interestedin what you have to offer as well as collect you valuable links.

Every now again there arenew methods on how to develop a successful link building campaign. At the sametime, new loop holes are being found on how to exploit these methods.Eventually it will come to a point where these loop holes cease to exist. So toavoid getting caught up in the confusion, working toward a campaign that istotally focused on generating quality traffic is the best way to ensure thatyou are not wasting your time and hard earned dollars with attaining pointlesslinks.

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