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Know Your Goal In Seo
By Danny Wirken
A search engine optimization (SEO) service aims to make your website more search engine ready or friendly; optimize the web pages for targeted and highly relevant keywords; increase the over-all visibility of your website on the major search engines; generate more qualified website visitors and ensure that you get a return on your investments. To maximize the benefits of SEO, you must have determined what it is that you wish to accomplish in your website. Your needs would depend to your online marketing goals.

What does offer?

SEO is a relatively new industry of which many key decision makers are not even aware of. Some know it exists but simply do not see the role can play in their specific industry or existing marketing strategy. Most companies focus their marketing efforts on traditional activities such as trade shows, direct mail or print and media advertising.

Having a website is in itself is good but its benefits can still be maximized by SEO. It helps companies widen their reach to potential customers as optimized websites become more visible in search engine results. For most people, search engines have become a trusted source of information.

SEO companies promise customers a lot of benefits. The most notable of which is top ranking from the notable search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This is supposed to help a business dominate the competition as it attracts more traffic to the website. is touted to be an economical alternative for online marketing in the long term as it eliminates the need for costly pay-per-click and Ad words. Aside from this, round the clock Internet marketing for products and services as well as web promotion is possible. The savings derived from opting to use over traditional channels of marketing are said to be substantial. Its wide coverage minimizes the need for extra advertisement thus greatly reducing acquisition costs. companies assure that there would be fast, better and measurable return on investments as the process ensures branding for the business.

When anyone decides to use either through a professional company or through his/her own initiative, there are some things that should be considered so that the set goals are close to reality. It should be remembered that search engines alone control their own indexing and ranking algorithm. This mans that there can never be any rank guarantee to be had. Playing by the rules assure a site a better ranking than trying to trick search engines. Top ranking in search engine natural results would require hard work as to the contents and links to the site.

Ranking should not be the goal. It is only a means to reach that goal of having a successful online business. A rank should be a product of hard work put over the competition. This includes knowing who the competitor is and uses it as a benchmark for future actions without resorting to copying.

The over-all website design should be search engine and visitor friendly. A good website compiles repeated visits from both search engines and potential customers. Be aware of global coding standards as well as effective URLs.

The importance of content cannot be over emphasized. This is the reason why searchers visit or stay away. A technically perfect website is of no value without

any factual and fresh ideas. It should appeal to the target audience and have to be regularly updated and edited. The same goes for a website’s Meta content as this tells the search engine about the relevance and context of a web page.

The linking strategy is very critical for any successful attempt. Hyperlinks should always be done in the right context to be appreciated by search engines and visitors alike. The acquired links show the way to a web page. The key is to maintain relevancy as bad links harm a website’s equity and credibility. In the same manner, submissions to irrelevant sections and directories do not help the website in any way. If the whole process of proved more than you can handle, experts can show the way.

On Strategies and Business Goals

Some companies attack search engine optimization through an adversarial approach. This is based on the premise that optimization methods that trick search engines should be used in order to achieve the desired top ranking. This approach is often resorted to when the website does not possess the attributes considered by search engines as valuable. Its “benefit” on the part of the client is that not much work is required to realize fast results.

This method has proven its “effectiveness” many times even among reputable search engines. However, businesses should decide whether they intend to stay in the game for a long time or are just interested in a one time shot at top ranking. There would be no large amount of content needed or wholesale changes to be made to the website but has your goal really been satisfied?

When websites treat search engines as partners, an entirely different strategy is produced. companies who use this approach recognize that the attributes and optimization methods responsible for a website’s high ranking in search engines are the very same ones that make the site more valuable to users. Search engines are expected to return results that are relevant and useful to the searchers.

An expensive website does not always outrank sites that are perceived to be of inferior quality. Consistent high ranks only mean that a site is able to offer something of value to people who made the query. In this sense, quality is determined by what is inside rather than the cover.

Website owners have much to gain with forging a “partnership” of sort with search engines. Instead of uselessly concentrating on the ever-changing technical attributes that provide short term results, optimization methods are used to leverage a company’s knowledge of a particular industry to come up with something useful to a searcher.

Websites change ranking very frequently. Nothing is really permanently high or low. There in only one thing that remains constant – that websites that give true value to searchers would always be found near the top. The numerous algorithm shifts continue to drive the adversarial believers to attempt to reformulate search engine optimization strategies. How about you? Where do you see your goal amidst these circumstances?

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