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Article Marketing Is The Key To Building Targeted Website Traffic
By Robert L Moment
In today’s increasingly Internet-driven global marketplace, it is essential that you have a Web site that not only helps to sell your products and services, but that is also highly visible online. Studies indicate that your Web site ranking on search engines such as Yahoo! and Google can literally make or break your business and can make a million dollar difference in your profits. Therefore, in order to be a success online, you must be diligent in your online marketing efforts.

Online marketing relies largely upon the use of keyword rich (search engine optimized) articles to inform search engines as to the content and purpose of your Web site. articles are generally about 500-words in length and include specific keywords at least once in every paragraph of the article. By including as many articles on your Web site as possible, each with targeted keywords relating to your business, you increase your chances of driving traffic to your site.

How Works
SEO relies upon proprietary algorithms that each search engine (such as Google and Yahoo!) designs and implements. The search engines employ “robots,” which constantly browse Web sites to record data, similar to the way a satellite rotates Earth. As the robots browse Web sites, they record which sites have which keywords, links, and other pertinent information. The robot then reports that information back to the search engines, which use the information to rank the Web sites. The better your search engine ranking, the higher you will be on the search engine results page.

For example, if you sell apples online, then it is important for you to mention apples on your Web site

as often as possible, including related terms, such as “fruit” and “Gala apples.” (Listing the related terms will help to differentiate your site from a site relating to Apple computers.) The abundance of keywords will help to indicate that your site is very serious about apples.

When someone types the word “apple” into the search engines, your Web site may come up on the first page, if you have successfully optimized your site using articles and other keyword online marketing strategies.

A Word of Caution
Keep in mind that many search engines are aware of the misuse of articles and keyword marketing techniques. For example, some Internet businesses will publish articles on their sites that have very little relevant information. Instead, the articles will simply repeat a series of keywords so as to draw the attention of the search engines to the site. However, if a search engine comes across such an article, the site owner will be “blacklisted”, which means that the search engine will remove the site from the database. Therefore, it is important that the articles that you use to draw website traffic are not only keyword rich articles, but that they are also actually useful to visitors.

Robert Moment is a small business coach , speaker and author who specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to successfully start and grow profitable small businesses. Visit and take the FREE 7 day e-course “Turn Passion into Profit: Small Business Startup”.

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