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Seo Do's And Don'ts: An Old Friend Revisited
By Christopher Conlan
As an guy I find myself waking up in a cold sweat dreaming up creative new ways to maximize my clients search results. “What if I coded it this way” or “If we syndicated the XML feed a different way, we’d blow everyone’s mind”.

In the constantly changing world of algorithms, browser search behaviors, RSS and XML, and simply keeping up with the competition, even the pros sometimes need to take a step back from the “coolness” and speed of technology and revisit our “old friend” the Do’s and Don’t’s!

Here’s what I keep posted on the wall in front of my Captain Kirk-esque command center:

SEO Do’s and Don’ts

1.Adhere to industry best practices and guidelines ( is good stuff and pretty much industry standard)
2.Create relevant and useful content for the website using keyword terms
3.Add new content as often as possible
4.Keep website and sitemap up to date
5.Build links in an ongoing, even paced manner
6.Build unique web pages for each keyword term (product or service)
7.Monitor and maintain rankings and competition
8.Remember that every aspect of your website is intertwined with all others (in terms of SEO)
9.Consult your Specialist for recommendations before making any major changes
10.Be patient

1.Try to cheat the system, you will get caught, and the gain is only temporary and the penalties are indefinite
2.Use less than 300 words worth of readable, useful content on each page
3.Link to bad neighborhoods or allow bad neighborhoods to link to you (unless you actually are an online porno casino based in Nigeria that sells Canadian Viagra to underage US customers!)
4.Spam like there is no tomorrow
5.Add tons of links as fast as you can
6.Focus on only one linking strategy
7.Over use keyword terms (keyword spamming)
8.Put text into images. Search engines can’t read it and don’t care about your images
9.Forget to interlink your own website
10.Drive yourself crazy checking your rankings every hour on the hour!

It’s great to stay on top of the latest and greatest changes, trends, tools and the ever present “What’s Google doing” gossip – there’s plenty to be found. What’s even greater is achieving long term success on the search

engines without letting your core business go to hell in a search term basket!

Happy SEOing!
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Christopher Conlan is Managing Director of Kaboodle Ventures a Specialist located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and proud father of Jack! Visit his website for SEO Tools for Webmasters, SEO Reports, and more.

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