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What You Need To Know About Texas Seo Firms Ė Part Ii
By Ben Jordan
Part II

2. Does their services include content creation, or just optimization of the site as-is?

Content creation refers simply the content on your site including images and graphics. Content can be optimized by being enriched with keywords and tags added to images, etc.

Any Austin Texas firm can do a better job for you with optimized content on your site. Without optimized content, youíre basically throwing free money into the pocket of your internet marketing consultant.

3.Do they guarantee results?

Like I said earlier, no Austin firm canít guarantee top rankings. What results do they guarantee? Can you get your money back if they donít live up to it?

4. Do they use a standard method of or do they approach each site individually?

Cookie cutter approaches to work, but a good Austin firm will look at your site and determine what methods will work best for it. Youíre a paying customer. You want your site to get the treatment it deserves and not put on an assembly line.

Of course, if your internet marketing consultantís cookie cutter approaches with other sites impress you, then I canít tell you not to do it?

5. How long until you see results?

Listen up! Results do not happen overnight unless the Texas firm either owns a magic wand or starts PPC campaigns for your site. With just organic SEO, it can take months to see results.

Any legitimate internet marketing consultant will tell you this. PPC campaigns give immediate results. Everything else? Itís going to take a month or so before the Austin firmís work produces any noticeable results.

6. Will they just analyze and provide a report on your site or will they perform the work as well?

Some Texas firms analyze your site and provide you with a detailed description of what needs done. They donít do it for you. If you want an internet marketing consultant, this becomes one of the most important questions you can ask.

7. Ask the Austin firm to tell you, as precisely as possible, what they will do to and for your site.

If they donít know the answer to this question after looking at your site, then move on to the next Austin, Texas firm!

Now, donít

expect them to go into detail because that would tell you how to do their job (and saving you money), but you do want to know as much of their intended strategy as possible.

8. What search engines will they target?

Plenty of little, no-name search engines exist, and your site could achieve top rankings with them. But let me ask you this.

Who uses them? Get the names of the search engines the Texas firm will target. Better yet, get those names in the contract!

9. PPC or paid inclusion listings with the search engines?

PPC gives you immediate results. Paid inclusion doesnít guarantee top ranking, but it does guarantee ranking. However, the results the Austin firm gets with these methods will stop when your contract ends or you stop paying them.

If this entails all the only that theyíre doing for you, just keep in mind that the work lasts only as long as you fork out money to the Austin, Texas firm. If thatís what you want from your internet marketing consultant, then go for it.

10. How many hours will they put into working on your site?

I think thatís clear enough of a question. Any internet marketing consultant or Texas firm should put some initial time into kicking off the campaign. After that, your site will require regular maintenance to retain its ranking.

These questions make up a few that you will want to ask all Austin firms that you contact. Of course, I encourage you to come up with questions of your own and to request, then explore, a contract with any Texas firm you decide to hire.

Top notch provides you with a successful and profitable website. Hiring a knowledgeable, experienced Austin firm spells out the difference between being an Ohio-like business and a Texas one. Everything comes bigger (and better) in Texas, you know.

Ben Jordan is x-Fortune 500 Texas Firm consultant, who has consulted small business owners, up to $30 Billion dollar companies around the country. Please visit today

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