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Seo Primer
By Dave Davis
The objective of this tutorial is to educate and update webmasters and website builders with search engine optimization techniques. The ultimate objective of all webmasters and web developers is to get a good Google page rank. This tutorial will help achieving this objective by explaining and implementing techniques.

The techniques explained in this tutorial are the most comprehensive and efficient. The aim of this tutirial is to help webmasters and web developers do their own search engine marketing using these techniques in the best possible way.

This tutorial is logically organized page by page and each page deals with a specific topic concerning SEO. The pages are arranged in such a way that the flow is exactly like the process flow of implementation. This in itself is a guide to what is to be done after what in implementation.

This tutor assumes that there is a plan to build a website and it needs to be optimized using techniques. However, complicated issues like flash and frames are covered towards the end of the tutorial. These complications are best handled by experts than the users themselves.

Our sincere hope is that the webmasters and developers going through this tutorial would enjoy the process of and put it to good use.
All the Best,

SEO begins with building your website. It is important to understand and implement a few techniques while you are still building your website, instead of waiting for it to finish and start editing it again. Once you are thorough with planning your website complete with blueprints, implementation begins by segregating your website into two different and distinct criteria Ė On-Page and Off-Page. Both these criteria are equally important from point of view and no partiality is to be shown.

On-Page criteria are those that one can see on the webpage. They are Title, Headings, Meta Tags, Content, Keyword etc. This will be elaborated at a later stage.

Off-Page criteria are links coming to and going from your webpage. They include anchor text, reference tags and attributes. You will learn these in detail at alter stage.

The Off-page criteria are weighed and analyzed by Google page rank. So the importance of off-page content is not less then that of the On-Page.

Step by Step approach to building an Optimized Website

Embarking upon building a website is preceded by some necessary ground work which will help plan the site properly and as per the target audience. Your website will showcase your products and services, so you are in the best position to know what will be the basic persona of a target visitor. A target visitor is a visitor who visits your site with a genuine intent of buying, difficult to visualize, putting it in terms a targeted visitor is the visitor who has a very high chance of buying your products or services.

So when you plan your website do not get into techniques of high traffic generation or using hot terms. Instead, build it using targeted terms and an objective to attract targeted traffic. This is getting a little too complicated, let me explain.. High traffic is of no importance if none of the traffic converts, but targeted traffic is bound to have a good rate of conversion. High traffic is not going to generate high sales; it will certainly generate higher bills due to bandwidth.

Optimizing your site for your products, services and brands only, do not generalize. The fine balance between your product descriptions and general ones in the industry should be maintained or your site could end up generating traffic to you competition. Similarly hot terms means the industry jargon that you use in daily life everyday, you donít expect your customer to understand that, do you? Targeted terms are terms used for the industry generally. So knowing your target audience is of prime importance.

David Davis, is the lead developer and project manager of Redfly Marketing Search Engine Optimization Ireland. For more information visit

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