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The Big Deal, Website Search Engine Optimization
By Andy
SEO or search engine optimization is the latest catchphrase in business marketing. You must have it. You don't know how to get it. The thing with website search engine optimization is that many people have tried to define it in narrow terms, but it can not be simplified so easily. In order to use for your business, you need to learn about how it works and what happens when it's not used correctly, because those consequences can be disastrous.

For many businesses, they believe that website search engine optimization is all about having certain keywords on their website. For example, if you sell shoes, you'll want to have the word, 'shoes,' listed on your site as much as possible. In the beginning of internet marketing, this used to be the way to increase your website ranking. But website search engine optimization has changed, evolved. No longer can you keyword 'stuff' your website and hope that you get into the top ranking. has become more sophisticated. And the reason for this is because many websites were taking advantage of this simple method and creating websites that were built only for outwitting the search engines.

These days, website search engine optimization is also focused on choosing websites that will really address the search that the web surfer is doing. For example, if the website surfer wants to find shoes, they will be directed to a site that sells shoes, and not just a site that includes the word 'shoes' a number of times. If you think about it, this system benefits everyone that uses it. Not only is the web surfer getting to the site that they need, but the website that is selling the shoes is getting customers that really are looking for shoes.

Will the keyword trick still work? To a certain extent, yes, it still will. However, here's the rub with doing this. When customers begin to realize what you are doing and why you are doing

it, they will also begin to realize that you are using less than exemplary business techniques. They will realize that you are trying to trick them into coming to your site, which will make them hesitant to buy anything from you. They may even tell their friends to stay away as well. While you might think that website search engine optimization through keywords is effective with search engines, you also need to be popular to remain in the top ranking.

Search engines also base website techniques on how many times people actually go to a website, or how popular it is. This shows the search engine that people are finding what they are looking for on a particular website so others that are looking for the same thing may also want to go there.

Website search engine optimization is the key to your business' online survival in many ways. It brings customers to you, brings the right customers to you, as well as keeps a steady stream of new customers able to find you. Without learning about and how it works, you will be creating a poor reputation for yourself and a site that isn't getting to the customers that you long to find.

There are other ways to increase your website traffic. Linking with other sites that are related, and having them link to you is one great way to increase traffic to your site. Include relevant content on your site and change it often so that you have new interesting material being added all the time. Lastly, don't hide pages that contain lots of keywords, as this may also fall under that 'trick' category for some potential customers.

While it seems like a lot of work, making sure that your is always maintained and up to date will ensure that you're not at the bottom of the ranking heap anymore.

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