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Link Baiting – What’s The Big Deal?
By Chuck
Let ‘s see what is it meant by link baiting in terms of a definition. Unless, you understand the term in depth, you will never know what to do about it and how to use it. Link bait is termed as the ‘capture attention’ trigger that is designed to collect links from other pages and hence promote the web page you are ‘link baiting’.
In other words, the link bait is that ‘attractive’ content, which tempts others to take a peak and provide links to it.. As you build up your ‘collection’ of links to your web site, your organic search popularity increases as does the traffic at your website.   Anything that increased traffic to your web site is good, actually great and should be included as part of your overall stratagem.
There are a few basics that would make a link bait effective:

1.       Be up-to-date – passé news will not attract the attention of people. The target web surfer is a very savvy customer, who places high value on his/her time and would not bother to look into anything that is has-been news.  In order to get a second glance, you need to stay abreast with what is happening today and tomorrow – and leave out what happened yesterday. Read a lot and stay informed. Get only the best content in the most relevant time frame.

2.       Tease a little – show just enough content to make the reader want to know more. You need to “bait” them into going where you want them to go. Since directing them to your website can’t be done through a simple request, you will need to build a compelling pull towards it through the content that you are posting. The best  example

of this would be through interactive forums where people give their opinions and attract a lot of comments

3.       Announce your idea as news – just having the latest information or know-how will not give you good ‘link bait’ results. You will need to announce it as news. People love news ad if you put it in the proper format, you will have people lapping it up in no time. You need to make the content interesting enough that people would be curious to learn about it and after satisfying their curiosity want to pass the news on.

4.       Be unique – this does not necessarily means that every time you write content it has to be original content. No – what you need is to have it a new format; presented in a new style; from a new perspective and so on. Be challenging, be controversial and be exciting. Ask yourself – would I want to read this?  Try to connect with emotion and passion with your link bait article.

5.       Ask opinions and advice – there are very few people in this world who can resist such a invitation. People love to give their opinions and advice. They simply cannot resist this and before you know you will have an excellent thread built on your topic that would do he ‘baiting’ exceptionally well.

As you can see, link baiting is all about getting people’s attention to the topic of your interest, and making it worthwhile for them. It is a mutation from the – and one which works better

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