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10 Copywriting Tips For Seo And Ppc
By Craig
This article provides helpful information for any copywriter trying to adjust to working with an SEO/SEM agency.

1. Write for your audience first, then search engines.

Crossing brand communication and sales driven goals with manipulating search engine algorithms is not a process which involves any comprimise. Firstly write from a sales perspective, then tweak your copy until it meets keyword density requirements.

2. Write as much as possible!

When writing for search engines the more content you have on your website the better. That is as long as it ties in tightly with your websites theme and purpose. Through having more content on your webpages you open up opportunities for people to come across your website through long-tail search terms.

3. Select keywords based on 4 factors.

Selecting keywords is a job that may be left to a copywriter or a search marketer. Should you be asked to select keywords, then you should consider the balance of these 4 factors in deciding which words are best to go after.

Optimization of competitors.
Volume of search queries.
The intent of traffic (how targetted the traffic is).
Net profit per visitor.

It is often far more helpful to gauge these factors if your client has embarked on a PPC campaign and has data to share. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to view this information, then much of it can be reached by assumption.

4. Building an Internal Linking Architecture

Although you may not be directly responsible for all navigation and architectural issues, you are within content. Understand the power of anchor text, and how it should be used to help search engines understand the purpose of a given page. Consider altering anchor text with derivatives such as 'word', 'words" and always avoid any anchor text reading 'click here' or 'read more'.

5. Titles, Titles, Titles

When writing information based copy

rather than sales copy, titles can evoke response, be used as anchor text from external links and can help engage readers. Choose a title that evokes intrigue and that is also relevant, however avoid writing an article to suit a title.

6. Short Paragraphs, Bolded Words

Using short paragraphs and bolded words allow for skim readers to skim your article and this also allows people to digest the information they are looking for whilst missing out what they are not. Sub-headings also have their place in helping to reach this goal.

7. PPC ad copy

Although click through rates do not lie over a large sample, it is also the case that following certain strategies can help you to attain you to increase click through rate. Ensure that you include the main keyword within the title, so that it is bolded and even consider doing this within the description.

8. Use split testing to your advantage

If your client is performing split-testing then ensure that you use this to your advantage. Opt for two approaches that are different at first, then go onto use split-testing to tweak your copy for better conversions. Always explain to your clients the role that their graphic designer has in this process, and ensure that you do not allow your perceptions to mask what works best.

9. Keyword Density

As long as a keyword appears in the body text this appears to be enough for a top spot on any search engine for that phrase. What is more important, is ensuring that related keywords appear on that page so that the theme of your web page can be easily identified.

10. Content is not King

Links are king and content is his army. Without links you can forget about ranking well for competitive phrases in the organic SERPs. Ensure your client knows it from the outset.

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