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Seo - Article Marketing Is Out - Link Baiting Is In
By Chris Angus
Article marketing is yesterday, Link Baiting is tomorrow, this is the future.

The majority of campaigns have involved article marketing , this was okay until recently. The problem with article marketing is that it produces links quickly. However, the links fall into the “Link Spam” category and too many article links will actually do your site more harm than good.

Link Baiting on the other hand, is far easier, quicker and more effective than article marketing.

So what is Link Baiting?

Link Baiting is simply..Link Building. However, you get your links by word of mouth rather than by asking for them.
You get people to link to your site by offering funny, subjective or otherwise link worthy material.

How do you Link Bait then?

You publish you new content on the web and if it is interesting enough, word will spread and many people will link to it.
The principal is similar to joke emails going around, how many times have you had a funny joke arrive in your inbox by five of your fiends all on the same day?

Link baiting comes in a few different flavours and they are:

News: This is where you give some breaking news that is link worthy

Contrary: This is where to contradict a main stream idea

Attack: This is where you actually launch a personal attach on someone’s

idea. Beware, this can be dangerous.

Resource: This is where you offer a useful resource

Humour: This is where you offer something funny that is link worthy.

Link baiting requires far less work that than article marketing because one good piece of link worthy content can produce hundreds if not thousands if back links across many different types of IP addresses.
This gives a strong angle because of the number of back links and because the linking profile seems more natural.

Whereby, article marketing only produces back links where you have posted the article.
Therefore if you post one article you will probably only get one back link.
Also, the back links are all coming from the same place. This is NOT good for SEO.

Chris Angus is a and website promoter:

He can be contacted at sales(at)

SEO Company UK
Asbestos Management
Kitchens Oxford

Chris Angus is a and website promoter: He can be contacted at sales(at) SEO Company UK Asbestos Management Kitchens Oxford

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