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Seo Content Writer - Is There A Difference
By Pino Tedesco
An content writer is the one who specializes written content that best suits the site in question so as it appears favorably in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN to name a few.

An average content writer will be very broad when writing the content and may not use the keywords necessary in a specific web site page, article, ezine or newsletter to gain maximum effect.

Keywords and keyword phrases play a n integral role for trying to obtain higher rankings in search engines for your site, which in turn generate increased website traffic to your online business.

SEO Writer Versus A Normal Writer

It is obvious from my writing experience that there are a lot of differences that set apart an average writer with an content writer. An writer understands the importance of keywords in content and will therefore structure articles with them in place accordingly. A lot of people fail to realize the importance of hiring a specialized content writer and in the process tend to lose a lot of potential website traffic related to their specific industry.

Dealing With A Professional Content Writer

A professional content writer can help you choose highly competitive keywords and write the content with the specific keywords in mind. Search engines tend

to filter the keywords while there spider bots are indexing your web site. This is important as you need a specific percentage of keywords in your entire 500 words content or web page to be successful. The content maker will make sure to use required percentage of keyword throughout the web page to attain maximum benefit.

If you're given web page has keyword density over and above a specific limit then search engines might consider your web content as SPAM, and ban or delist your site, something I am sure not many people would want to happen to the. This is where content experts become an integral part of your plan, use there knowledge about competitive keywords and keywords density to be used in every web page and get that website traffic your website requires.

Professional experts are few and far between. Look up search engines for the best writers or look in article directories for the most active article submitters and maybe approach these article writers for advice.

Like anything really, once you find a good article or content writer (hopefully find a few) make sure you look after them. Finding another one will be a time consuming task and developing a new relationship will be much harder then maintaining a pre existing content writer relationship.

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