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Grow Your Business And Get More Visitors By Optimizing Your Site For Search Engines
By Nikita Melkin
It is no secret that major search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the largest and often the only source to bring visitors to most Web sites. Importantly, you don't pay search engines for every visitor they send to your site. It's hard to underestimate the potential of this free traffic.

How do you get more visitors? The short answer is: you have to get your site a better visibility on search engines.

At this very moment, your competitors are improving their sites. They are fighting to be in the top search results in order to get more visitors.

Statistically, your potential visitors only look through the first twenty or so results in the listings presented by search engines as the results of search requests. If you have more than twenty competitors, chances are that potential visitors would never find out about your site or product, but will instead be pointed towards your competition.

So how do you get more visitors? Again, the short answer is: you have to optimize your site for better rankings in major search engines.

There are several ways to optimize your site. You could contract a company specializing in Search Engine Optimization, or hire a specialist. This can be effective but very expensive. Besides, an over-optimization of your site or the use of certain (mostly borderline) optimization methods can trigger the search engines to completely delete your site from their index. Because of this, contracting a third party to do a job for you might be risky, and is not always a good idea.

It's much better if you optimize your site yourself. As the owner of the site, you won't do anything risky that could lead to a ban by major search engines. As a good starting point, there is a tutorial for beginners at

After you read the tutorial, you may wonder what keyword density your pages have, what keywords your visitors use to find your site, and what rankings

you have for those keywords on different search engines. Counting the keywords on a page, analyzing log files and running search queries on major search engines can be a long, time-consuming process. Furthermore, analyzing the results often requires certain statistical and mathematical knowledge.

What if you don't have that much time or mathematical skills? After all, do your competitors have a Ph.D. in Mathematics?

No, they don't need to. Your competitors are using tools that are specifically designed for gathering data on keywords and visitors, and tools for analyzing such data. They are getting nicely formatted reports that summarize their keywords, rankings, and visitor's behavior. Some of the best tools can even make suggestions on what they can do to rank higher for specific keywords, or even suggest new keywords that complement those already in use.

SEO Administrator tools available at do all that, and much more. This package has everything to automatically analyze and track your site's rankings in various search engines, check sites that have links to your pages, and verify that your Web site is indexed properly by the search engines. It even does things as complex as finding the sites that link to your competitors, and offers their owners to link to you instead!

This suite of Administrator tools won't break the bank either, offering a terrific value at only $70 for the basic edition and all the way up to just $150 for the full-featured Enterprise version. You're getting a much better deal than your competitors! Visit and see for yourself what this great set of tools can do to grow your business!

Nikita Melkin, software engenier engineer, CEO of Administrator site promotion software

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